Top Five Kitchen Helper for Kids

A craft kitchen helper for kids is one of the most important items in a kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in any house. It’s where we cook our meals, store our food, and spend time with loved ones. With that said, it can be hard to keep up with all of the tasks that need to get done every day! Fortunately, some items you can buy for your kitchen will make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Top Five Kitchen Helper for Kids

We all want our homes to feel like home, but sometimes it can be difficult to get there because we’re busy living our lives outside the house. You can bring some of your personality into your space by using kitchen helpers that will brighten up any room and show off who you are as an individual or family member.

Here are products I recommend for anyone who wants a better experience in their kitchen

1. Kitchen Helper Tower Toddler Stool

Item Weight: ‎17.16 pounds| Package Dimensions:‎36 x 18.9 x 2.9 inches | ASIN: B091BDRJ7Y | Customer Reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars | Best Sellers Rank: #237,792 in Baby (See Top 100 in Baby), #763 in Nursery Step Stools | Date First Available: March 23, 2021
Kitchen Helper Tower Toddler Stool

Every kitchen helper needs a helper. Step up to safety with the Kitchen Helper Tower by Grasp! Toddler Stool. It may look small, but it’s one of the best ideas for parents who have smaller children that need help getting into the kitchen sink or giving mommy some extra height to reach those hard-to-get-at areas.

Fully adjustable step level, seat height, and safety handlebar are infant/toddler-friendly features making this stool an absolute necessity for active kitchens! Handcrafted from sustainably harvested Beechwood Rubberwood, this award-winning design weighs less than two pounds and will easily fit on your counter space without compromising sightlines or adding clutter – guaranteed!!

Kitchen Helper is the perfect little stool for any kitchen. Kids can climb up to help with their favorite cooking projects, work the highchair tray, hang out at the island, or even have a snack while watching TV.

Unlike other stools, this adjustable step offers a wide range of heights from 19-26 inches, so your toddler will be able to use it for many years! As if that wasn’t enough already… Kitchen Helper also comes complete with a safety strap and a soft non-slip grip on five handcrafted hardwood rungs!

Keep your little one safe in the kitchen with this toddler stool! The padded step & handlebar will make them comfortable; the nonslip surface means no accidents. Fully adjustable to grow with your child.


– With this toddler step stool, your little helper will be right where you need them! And with its hand-crafted construction, they’ll be able to enjoy it for years.

– Stool is 17.5″ deep, 35.8″ tall, and 16.75″ wide.

– It has rubberized, slip-resistant feet for extra protection when in use. When using the stool, each side of the legs has soft non-slip pads for comfort and keeps items in place while your child leans in and strains towards their little fingers to touch everything in sight.

– The Kitchen Helper Tower Toddler Stool makes kitchen life easier for mom and the whole family! With a combination of stool, toddler chair, and dining table topper functions, this piece is going to be well-loved in any household. The stools include an easy-adjust design that can grow with your baby as they learn new independence methods.


Easy to carry and adjustable.

Comfortable handlebar for kids.



2. Bateso Step Stool for Toddlers

Product Dimensions: ‎24 x 22.8 x 39.4 inches | Item model number: SF_KSLT001_T1 | Target gender: Unisex | Material Type: Wood | Number Of Items: ‎1 | Batteries required: ‎No | Item Weight: 28 pounds  
Bateso Step Stool for Toddlers

The Bateso steps are perfect for providing your little one with an opportunity to get involved in more activities around the house. With these, you can extend where they can explore and touch by boosting their reach up with six different height features. And, kids will love how colorful this step stool is, so it makes everything even more fun!

Our step stool doubles as a chair for toddlers, making cooking more fun. Plus, it’s foldable-perfect for storing in small spaces!

Calling all new moms and dads with tiny tots climbing the kitchen chairs. Who would have guessed that these mess-makers have an ambition of being a chef? Leave this kitchen work to them with Bateso Step Stool for Toddlers, a must-have for their budding adventures in the home.

To top it off, Bateso is portable as needed, from high chair placement to sitting on a lower step! You’ll treasure those moments you come home from work after 14 hours feeling exhausted only to find them happily doing their part before bedtime.


– It is perfect for small hands to help them reach areas in the kitchen, bathroom, and elsewhere that they otherwise couldn’t. With rounded corners with no sharp edges, you can rest assured that your child will be safe while they explore their world.

– You can adjust it so they can comfortably cook alongside mom or dad, even if they are only ten months old! This gorgeous rust-resistant white ergonomic stool can be adjusted so they can reach eye level grilling steaks on the weekend, rolling pie dough with grandma, or washing vegetables together.

– The handle in the back gives them a spot they can hold on to when navigating through crowds, and the ergonomic seat helps keep their weight off of their feet, so they don’t hurt themselves. With built-in storage, this step stool blends well with any interior style.

– It’s made of natural solid wood that won’t rust, rot, or decay. Even if it falls apart after years of use and multiple assembly/disassembly cycles, there won’t be any danger of injury because it’s safe.


Stable and adjustable on the floor.

Easily assembled.



3. Jian E Kids Step Stool Kitchen Helper

Item Weight: ‎11.02 pounds | Package Dimensions: ‎36.22 x 15.75 x 5.91 inches| ASIN: B09C5CRQ87| Date First Available: August 9, 2021
Jian E Kids Step Stool Kitchen Helper

A sturdy step stool! You want a lightweight one, yet still durable to stand up to any challenge it might face. But most importantly, you want one that’s made with sustainable material so it can last for years without harmfully affecting our environment. With the Jian E kids step stool Kitchen Helper by your side, all bases are covered!

Unique design aesthetic paired with environmentally friendly bamboo is an unbeatable combo -and this extra stylish helper will be there every time you need a boost, getting ingredients retrieved from high places or demanding tasks around the house completed more easily.

It is the perfect gift for any child who likes to help out in the kitchen. Whether it’s their first birthday, a holiday gift, or as a great project together, dad, it is designed to grow with your little one and be that much easier for you. The stool can go from low enough for sitting down, high enough for sitting up on the countertop, and then higher still if they would like to stand near an adult at all times. Just grab this gift this Holiday season and know that you’re giving a gift that will never stop being useful!

Life gets a little more difficult when you’re short, and the shelves in the fridge are unreachable. But with this clever step stool, your tween can adjust it to suit their height and hop right up there for themselves. They’ll love using this too when they go on adventures in the deep, dark cupboards where we hide all our junk!

It’s an amazing way for them to have independence while still being safe so they can get to things on high shelves without help from us clumsy grownups. It has different heights, so it will grow with your child as well, which means you spend less money because there is no need for multiple versions of this helpful stepping gadget


– This stool adjusts from 30cm to 100cm, which means it’s ideal for any family with small children who need a helping hand in the kitchen! Made of sustainable bamboo and finished off with a non-toxic coating, we’ll be able to use this safe and durable stool for years and years.

– It is the perfect stool for your toddler who wants to explore things that are at arm’s length. With three different height settings available, this tower can grow (pun intended!) with little ones while encouraging success and independence. Not only do toddlers love getting their hands on some new pot or pan, but they also enjoy exploring new heights- making them feel like a big kids.

– Assembly is easy as pie

– just mount them onto countertops from any angle without worrying about tools! After they’re mounted, this stand from Jian features non-slip gear holes so you can use mats or towels underneath to protect surfaces. They also have a foldable design, so they don’t hog valuable storage space when not in use.

– Step in, step out…this kid’s stool makes them feel like a big helper. The high back and sleek design keep the baby bag safe from hands.

– From handing their parents ingredients or stirring something on the stove, kids can feel like an important part of household tasks!


Durable three-ply natural bamboo wood.

Polished wood and smooth coating.


No reviews on Amazon.

4. Jian E Kitchen Step Stool for Kids

Item Weight:‎11.02 pounds | ASIN: B09C5D5NZY | Date First Available: August 9, 2021  
Jian E Kitchen Step Stool for Kids

The Jian E kids step stool is the world’s first kitchen helper! The stool can be used for all major kitchen tasks, including cooking on the stovetop, doing dishes, or even chopping produce. It measures up to 24 inches tall and has four sturdy steps so it’s safe for little ones aged 2-7 years old. Handcrafted from recycled plastics by postmen in Shanghai, this one-of-a-kind helper is not only stylish but eco-friendly too.

Your toddler has grown up to the point where they are finally ready to help in the kitchen. However, being too short can be a safety hazard that is difficult for your toddler to overcome. With the Jian E Kids Step Stool Kitchen Helper, you can rest assured that work will go smoothly with secure footing no matter how long it takes them to get there!

Make sure your little helpers have a place to stand. The Jian E Kids Step Stool is a sturdy wooden toy that children can use to grow from toddler to teenager. A steady product for families who want their young ones are standing up straight and doing chores independently.

It also makes a great companion at the sink or table while you’re working with your little one during bath time. Its sturdy, secure base requires it only to be moved when someone is on top of it for safety reasons.

This elegant kitchen helper stand arrives flat-packed for hassle-free assembly–no tools required!–and it’s just the right size for children of all ages to use while helping mom or dad cook up delicious meals.


– It transforms into a step stool or easel with an adjustable height to accommodate children of all ages and features two surfaces so they can identify their work at cooking time.

– This kitchen helper also comes with storage space on top to hold your child’s utensils, art supplies, snacks, or anything else that needs stowing out of sight.

– This kitchen helper is indispensable since it ensures their safety while cooking meals with you and/or great-grandma at home! Made of high-quality bamboo, this marvelous stool will last longer than particleboard made of materials the furniture industry needs. Plywood is safe and environmentally friendly while having a durable melamine coating, which won’t peel off easily.

– It’s not always easy to reach the countertop when cooking and to try to keep little ones from getting too close. Why not give them a stool that is built with their comfort in mind? Give your precious toddler room to explore while staying safe with this 150-pound weight capacity kitchen helper.

– Not only does this kitchen helper tower make things easier on the parents, but it also excites tiny minds with its fun-looking colors and easy-to-reach handles! Now your children never have to huddle down in the corner, hoping you don’t see them as they stand on a chair or table to reach something yummy up high again!

– It has a removable deck to allow children to step up onto anything in the kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere without hesitation. The appropriate height for this stool is between 29-38 inches tall, depending on your child’s age. There are rubber tips on all four feet which help it stay in place while being used by an active kid!


Melamine coated and durable.

Environmentally friendly.


No reviews on Amazon.

5. Wooden Toddler Non-Slip Child Standing Tower

Product name: step stool for kids/kitchen helper learning tower | Product Net Weight: About 5.8kg | Product material: Solid wood pine | Product load: 60kg | Product color: white, brown, wood color | Product Features: The upper fence is removable | Suitable for the crowd: 7 months to 5 years old baby
Wooden Toddler Non-Slip Child Standing Tower

Let the Jian E Kitchen Helper Step Stool help your child reach countertop height without them having to touch anything gross. Your kitchen becomes child-safe in seconds with our sturdy but a lighthearted little friend.

Simply adjust each step until it reaches its desired height and let her or him climb up to join you while you cook! Kids love theirs because they get to be right beside mommy while she shows them how to do things like measure flour or crack eggs for breakfast time fun.

Some things in life just require you to be taller. This is where the Jian Toddler Step Stool becomes your best friend when helping your child reach the sink for their bath when they are little. The four-sided railings provide excellent support when your baby is inside so kids won’t fall out of high place.

It is perfect for children to have more independence, while also being safe. It makes cooking with little ones a breeze, and it’s set on an easily wipeable surface made of plastic that can be cleaned up in seconds. Its wide stance gives maximum stability, so there’s no need to worry about slippage.


– The Jian E Toddler Step Stool is the perfect kitchen helper for your child. Standing on a stool, she can stir the batter and lick the spoon alongside you! Mitigate spills with this ergonomically designed, one-piece design that’s easy to clean too. Little learners will love their new height and independence – while parents will love preserving their sanity and dishes.

– The two Kitchen Helper Keepers make this toddler step stool even more versatile; one can be used as an extra step for climbing in, while another can keep dishes propped over the sink instead of on the countertop where they might get knocked down by tantrums or doll heads.

– Made of heavy-duty, durable plastic, the Toddler Step Stool is twice as tall as most children and can easily hold up to 200 pounds. The non-slip mat on both the top and bottom keeps it from slipping around even with increased traffic over long periods of time.

– Raise your child’s self-esteem and independence with our kid step stool. It is great for getting artsy-fartsy projects done, reaching the countertop without a tired back, or just matching mommy’s shoes.


Safe and secure.

Non-slip and anti-falling down safety design.


No reviews on Amazon.

Final Verdict

If you’ve been looking for a kitchen helper for your kids, the Youth Kitchen Helper is an excellent option. It allows children as young as 18 months to safely reach countertops, cabinets, and other hard-to-reach areas. The towers also promote independence by enabling them to do things on their own that they couldn’t before—like cooking or reading recipes in the cabinet without help from parents. They are a great choice because of how safe it makes kitchensando because it promotes movement among Montessori families who want more freedom in their home environment. Have you found out what the best kitchen helper is for your kids? Share with us below!

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